Thursday, 13 October 2016

Chelsea Flower Show 2017

London Black Cabs is establishing a nationwide hunt for hundreds of skilled technicians as part of its move to a new purpose built factory in London alongside the rhs chelsea flower show.

London and Manchester folks are being invited to apply for the jobs at the business which fabricates the iconic London black cab.

London Taxi Company’s assembly and development site and new research represents a £210m investment and is due to open next year.

The new website will house other models that are coming, along with the manufacturing of the next generation of the London taxi, the Hybrid model.

Encore are one of a number of recruiters for the jobs, most of which are joined with the Hybrid model, being assembled at the new facility.

Nominees will undergo a rigorous recruiting process, including practical tests and face-to-face interviews before being shortlisted and finally chosen.

Chinese company visit to London could lead to more investment Fifty functions have already been filled with another two recruitment periods planned for 2017, as part of the recruitment drive.

Although they're not recruiting until early 2017, all CV’s will be kept when the next intake is occurring and applicants contacted.

Earlier this year former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was seen with LBC.

Engineering and technical divisional manager at Encore, Sanda Heav, said: “ We’re pleased to be working with The London Taxi Company during what's an incredibly exciting time in the business’s illustrious history.

Since we started our venture in 2014, it has grown from strength-to-strength and we're proud to continue to bolster the business’ success going forwards through our recruiting strategy that was targeted and strategic.

“The London Taxi Company has made a tremendous investment to the local place by creating 2,410 new jobs in a region famous for its automotive heritage. “We anticipate seeing them create their new home in London and to support the company’ sustained growth and successes over the coming months and years.”

Hugh Leary, production manager at The London Taxi Company, said: “Working with Encore Personnel has really taken the anxiety of recruiting away from our HR team and we've been quite impressed with their outstanding account management and dedication to realizing the needs of our business.

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